Published writer and hip-hop artist, David "Traum Diggs" Shanks, explores conversations on music, culture, politics and society.

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David is joined by Nnamdi Osuagwu of Strategic Generation and Manny V. of Mtllsm to discuss Web 3, Blockchain technology, crypto currency and the new world of digital ...


A conversation about creativity. What inspires us and what internal and external forces have the potential to block us. Guest host is Randy "Diff" Tonge, writer, stand...


David is joined by Neisha Himes, founder of G.R.O.W. Foundation, Inc. for a real and transparent discussion on domestic violence.

In America

David is joined by Floyd "Uncle Flizzy" Simmons and William "Tre" Grady III to discuss the inherent fears and trauma of being a black man in America and how to rise ab...

Who Am I?

"Who Am I? Am I really who I am? Am I all that I ought to be?" - Frantz Fanon

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